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last updated 21 August, 2007


Sistema Sac Actun 2000-2004

2000 Cave map of Sistema Sac Actun and surrounding caves.

This regional map illustrates  the position and relationship of 4 major underwater cave systems (including a smaller cave) in Quintana Roo. Created by Hazel Barton and Dan Lins (2000), the colors within this line map function as an aid to single out each of the caves. Total cave passage surveyed in this map is 36.1 kilometers (22.4 miles). Tres Palmas (Laguna Abejas) is separated from Systema Abejas by a substantial breakdown zone. The Temple of Doom cave (Esqueleto) may continue to remain isolated as it appears to serve a more southern drainage zone. The Naval cave (Nohoch Ha East End) is certain to be connected to Sistema Sac Actun. This would complete a cave system with a total length of 21.8 kilometers (13.5 miles).

22 August 2004 - The Naval cave (depicted in Green above) was connected to Sistema Sac Actun on 10 April 2003 through a passage southeast of the Naval Cenote. Below is an updated map (2004) that illustrates current explorations. Total surveyed passage in Sistema Sac Actun is now 25111 meters (82386 feet).

2004 Cave map of Sistema Sac Actun and surrounding caves.

A complete map of Sistema Sac Actun was drawn and published as of December 2000. This is not a standard line map, but a cartographic effort that depicts all cave features to scale. Over 20 underwater cave explorers contributed their survey information to the publication of this map. With the new connection to the Naval East End Cave, an updated map is being planned.

Sistema Sac Actun 2007

25 January, 2007 - There have been a few changes to the Sac Actun map in the past three years. Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich is now absorbed by Sistema Sac Actun (this date: Sistema Sac Actun has a length of 152,975 meters). This is a major update. I'll try to get this map page updated.

Other sources for online digital maps of underwater caves in Quintana Roo include:

Cenote Dive Center, and GEO (Sistema Ox Bel Ha)

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